• How to Do Dumbbell Pullover: Tips, Technique, Correct Form, Benefits and Common Mistakes

    The dumbbell pullover is a dynamic strength training exercise that is popular among bodybuilders for building the back and chest. It’s also an efficient exercise for others as a resistance training programme and working on the cardiopulmonary function. This exercise can train the upper body...
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  • Do you really know the usage of dumbbell?

    When it comes to dumbbells, the “muscle man” in bodybuilding competitions always conjures people’s imagination. In fact, dumbbell is not only suitable for boys, not only for fitness, for girls, dumbbell exercise can also achieve the purpose of slimming, strengthening muscle stre...
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  • Lifting weights – not only make you look better, also great way to train

    Don’t worry. Don’t be scared or disgusted by the word weight lifting. I have a folder on my computer called The Beauty of Weightlifting. Really, weightlifting is beautiful, both for the movement itself and the figure of the athlete. Here are some of the weightlifters’ bodies to ...
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  • The 7 best strength training equipment pieces, per experts

    What are the benefits of strength training? According to our experts, strength training (which is the practice of physical exercises that improve strength and endurance) offers many benefits. “Strength training helps build bone density, which we start to lose over the age of 40,” said Dani Colema...
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  • Minute to Win It: Outdoor sports event attracts families

    Maggie Mitchell, 8, was ready to play as she arrived at the The Villages Recreation and Parks Department’s Camp Villages event. Sporting a pink Easter bunny dress, she excitedly checked in to the Minute to Win It: Outdoor Games event. The Camp Villages Easter Week, filled with a variety of events...
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  • Here’s a look at all the fitness equipment you can use to build the perfect body

    Fitness equipment to create a perfect female figure WAVE Key shaping part: it is a new multi-plane aerobic equipment, especially for women to lift buttocks, shape, and improve cardiopulmonary function. Exercise program: 30 minutes 4-6 times a week. FLEXABILITY(stretching ability trainer) Key shap...
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  • How to choose the sports exercise fitness equipment that suits oneself

    Fitness equipment selection manual The treadmill Advantages: running is the basic human movement, treadmill movement can let the body to achieve a comprehensive training effect. Limitations: Running has certain pressure on joints, knee and hip injuries or elderly people have certain risks. Noise ...
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  • The port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port, is 8,000 jobs short!

    The port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port, is 8,000 jobs short!

    Allard Castelein, CEO of The Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port, recently told the media that major ports around the world are suffering from congestion due to the “boom” of the integrated transport market. As the port develops, the impact of the port of Rotterdam is being...
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  • Lebanon’s central bank and government declared bankruptcy

    Lebanon’s central bank and government declared bankruptcy

    The domino effect of russia-Ukraine conflict risk spillover began to spread. In addition to the street protests against rising prices in Europe, smaller countries have taken the lead. Lebanon’s central bank and government are bankrupt, deputy Prime Minister Saad Shami has announced. It said...
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  • Climate change is causing Michigan dogsledders to shift gears from snow to dry land

    Terry Perysian gets his dogs ready to train at Fort Custer Recreation Area in Augusta, Mich. (Rey Del Rio for The Washington Post) GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Terry Perysian’s first dogsledding race was in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula — a jaunt through the snow called the Wooden Nickel. As he lined...
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  • Amazon unveils new feature! sellers can contact with consumers and remove negative reviews?

    Amazon unveils new feature! sellers can contact with consumers and remove negative reviews?

    As is known to all, the product evaluation is an important link of influence consumers to purchase choice. Much of the negative evaluation, the overall flow of the shop also can have certain effect.Amazon UK station has launched an contact consumers function to solve bad review of use of the anno...
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  • Iran’s high inflation is hard to solve in the short term

    Iran’s high inflation is hard to solve in the short term

    Influenced by the factors such as the United States sanctions and the outbreak of the new champions league, recently a year or two since Iran’s economy under pressure, soaring prices. Recently, Iran will have traditional New Year’s day, but in the great economic pressure, many iranian...
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