$16.2 billion! Maersk’s full-year profits will creat history

Maersk group, the world’s largest shipping company, is on track to record full-year profits for the past nine years combined and the highest ever for a Danish company after raising its outlook three times.Mikkel Emil Jensen, an analyst at Sydbank, Denmark’s fourth-largest bank, said Maersk’s 2021 results would set a Danish corporate profit record, about three times higher than maersk’s 2014 record and beating Denmark’s most valuable company, pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk more than tripled in 2020.Maersk will post net profit of about $16.2 billion, almost five times the average estimate of about $3 billion at the start of the year, according to an average of seven analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg.However, Mikkel Emil Jensen believes maersk’s huge profits are a temporary blip caused by extreme factors, so it is “unlikely for many years” that the aggregator or any other Danish company will break maersk’s imminent record.

Learned, maersk on September 16th third raised its full-year performance expectations, expected full-year 2021 actual interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation is 220-23 billion dollars (August forecast for 180-19.5 billion dollars), the actual earnings before interest and tax for the August 180 – $19 billion forecast for 140-15.5 billion dollars).Free Cash Flow for the whole year (Free Cash Flow) for at least $14.5 billion (estimated at $11.5 billion) in August.Maersk has also said that, as a result of the present potential changes in demand patterns, the supply chain up to still have an impact on the market, performance expectations still higher than normal levels of volatility may occur.

Post time: Oct-26-2021