At daggers drawn! Amazon to do standalone site, Shopify launches Amazon equivalent

, as the absolute leader in cross-border electricity, amazon’s every move to get attention, become the object of many electric business platform to imitate. However, even the amazon also began to independent station tuyere.

Earlier, before the holiday to amazon Prime members launched sent a gift (Send aGift) function, allowing the Prime membership without receipt address selecting gifts for your family or friends.After users choose and buy goods, can add others address directly, they can also send a link to the recipient to fill in address, in this option, will automatically be hidden commodity prices, together with the gift card, gift packaging and adopted.Compared to domestic taobao want directly when buying a gift for a friend or family member must robot with artificial customer service, customer service “entangled”, the method is simple and quick with a gift.

Recently, the Canadian electricity software developers Shopify is also quietly in the Shop application launched a program called “Gift” (Gift Shop) function, for American consumers to buy gifts.In the Shop in the application, buyers can browse selected gifts series, and from the product list of Shopify stores to choose from. After choosing gifts, the system will prompt for the sender and recipient’s name, and provide custom links.Buyers can access this link, and through their chosen message platform to send to the recipient. In the recipient to accept gifts and enter the receipt address information before the platform will not charge fees from the buyer.

Subsequently, Shopify spokesman confirmed that the feature recently launched in the us, but did not provide more detailed information about how to select the characteristic shops for a gift shop. There is currently no marketing the Shopify also function, but some Shop users have received the email about the feature.And, “gift” is not Shopify in recent months to add to the Shop only – a new feature in the application program.Nearly a period of time, Shopify has been testing a search function in the Shop, under the function, the merchant’s goods will be side by side, according to the buyer for comparison.But some in the industry also believe that this function can be a competitive environment between merchants, eventually lead to Shopify electric business platform for the development of imaging like amazon.

Post time: Dec-28-2021