Feeder container ships collided in Bangkok,one sank

A few days ago, Bangkok, Thailand, the chao phraya river region, north lam FuHe two regional container ship collision accidents. Two ships were full of container. One of the ships carrying 51 container ship hull damage of a diameter of about 1 m, need emergency landing pumping, seriously damaged ship. Another ship bow slightly damaged.

A preliminary investigation showed that before the accident, two boats sailing on the chao phraya river coast. A ship from Bangkok port O.P.K. 3 ship to laem chabang port, another NP Pathum Thani from laem chabang port, the ship to air port.Arrived in north lam fuqian NP Pathum Thani ship crashed into O.P.K 3 port cargo ship, cause 1 meter long 2 meters deep cracks O.P.K. 3 ships to quickly ran aground in the chao phraya Phra Samut Chedi – side, accelerate to pump out of the hull.


Thai police and local related department staff and professional search and rescue ship to the scene of the accident, decorate the oil suction pipe float around the hull, to prevent fuel leakage into the waterways cause environmental pollution. 51 container plan to salvage the ship.

Post time: Nov-05-2021