How to choose the sports exercise fitness equipment that suits oneself

Fitness equipment selection manual
The treadmill

Advantages: running is the basic human movement, treadmill movement can let the body to achieve a comprehensive training effect.

Limitations: Running has certain pressure on joints, knee and hip injuries or elderly people have certain risks. Noise is relatively large; The feeling of subjective fatigue during exercise is quite strong.

Conclusion: it has certain risk.

Stationary bicycle

Pros: Effectively helps the body burn calories; The pressure at the ankle is relatively small, so it has high safety; Compared with other aerobic equipment, stationary bicycle covers a smaller area; Leg shaping effect is better.

Limitations: single training mode; The upper limbs are not involved in any exercise.

Conclusion: Single form, easy to form a sense of boredom

The climbing machine

Pros: Effectively helps the body burn calories; It has good shaping effect for thighs and buttocks.

Limitations: Practitioners need to master the rhythm of the step and adjust the resistance, otherwise it will increase the pressure on the lower back and cause muscle damage. During the exercise, the upper limbs did not participate in any exercise.

Summary: with upper limb limitations

Rowing machine

Advantages: can let the whole body muscles are very good practice; Fun is strong.

Limitations: It takes time to get familiar with and master the right skills; Poor resistance regulation is easy to cause muscle strain. Note that you need to stop moving during training to regulate resistance. Compared with other aerobic equipment, covers a larger area.

Conclusion: Skills are not easy to master

The elliptical machine:

Advantages: A combination of walking, stair climbing, cycling and skiing. Can exercise the coordination of the upper and lower limbs. Exercise on the joint pressure is small, is a good exercise equipment for all ages. Less noise.

Limitations: There are certain limitations on the Angle and mode of lower limb movement.

Conclusion: Limitations of lower limbs

The right way to choose fitness equipment
In order to exercise, more and more people choose to buy fitness equipment at home fitness, in the face of a forest of fitness equipment, many people hesitate: to buy which is suitable for their own? Experts suggest: before the purchase of fitness equipment, you have to make clear the purpose of using fitness equipment, is to lose weight, or want to enhance the physique, maintain shape, or plan to practice a strong and handsome muscles, and then choose the corresponding equipment for different purposes.

At present the popular fitness equipment mainly has the treadmill, the fitness bike, the health riding machine, the walking machine and the rowing machine.

Electric treadmill is a good aerobic exercise equipment, it can effectively improve the cardiopulmonary function, to promote the cardiovascular system function also has a considerable role. Brisk walking and jogging are two great forms of exercise that can be achieved on a treadmill and have significant fat loss effects.

Exercise bike is a kind of aerobic exercise equipment for both young and old. It is similar to riding a bicycle. It can improve the muscle strength and endurance quality of your legs and strengthen the cardiovascular system by riding at different speeds.

The exercise bike is similar in shape to the exercise bike. It is a rare instrument that can move 80% of the muscles and joints of the body at the same time. In addition, it can also effectively exercise nerve coordination ability, especially suitable for teenagers and the elderly.

The walking machine is mainly for the exercise of the legs, which can enhance the muscle strength of the legs and the ability of the leg joints, improve the bone density of the legs and prevent osteoporosis.

Rowing function exercise stretch muscle group, especially for the lumbar back exercise, can relieve the symptoms of lumbar back pain, improve the physiological activity of lumbar back muscle group.

After accomplishing the different performance of all sorts of instruments have a good idea in mind, make a choice according to his purpose again. If you are planning to lose fat, you are advised to choose an aerobic exercise equipment, such as a treadmill, and buy a local exercise tool for your fatty parts. If you want to build a strong body and enhance physical fitness, aerobic exercise equipment is also essential.

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