In just 30 years, Africa’s economy has climbed to the second fastest in the world

It is well known that in recent years as more and more external force die casting to the international economy, the world economy is becoming more and more fragmented.Especially the new outbreak hit, the global economy once stagnant. At this time, China can be said to be resist the pressure., the State Administration of Foreign Exchange has released the latest data show that China’s foreign exchange reserve scale to 2021 the end of December 3.2502 trillion dollars, an $27.8 billion increase from last month, and nearly six years. So far, China’s foreign exchange reserves have been eight months remain above $3.2 trillion, 2021 annual reserves increase $33.644 billion.The current international financial markets still faces more unstable element of uncertainty. But in our country as a whole to promote the epidemic prevention and control work and the economic and social development, economic strong toughness, long-term to good fundamentals have not changed, is advantageous to the foreign exchange reserves to maintain the overall stability.

While China’s economic development model appeals to some African countries, because they still need a successful economic management mode, and the china-africa cooperation is in full swing.Both sides jointly formulate the china-africa cooperation in 2035 vision “marks the china-africa trade and economic cooperation into the quality, and the upgrade of the new stage, will have more opportunities for development.China has become Africa’s largest trading partner for 12 years. Despite the outbreak, but the indicators china-africa economic and trade cooperation is comprehensive rise. Data show that total trade in the first 10 months of this year to $207.06 billion, up 37.5% from a year earlier, reach the highest level on record.The 2nd china-africa economic and trade fair has yielded fruitful results, a total of 135 projects signed, the total amount is $22.9 billion, signing project both quantity and amount more than the first.

Among them, there is a country in Africa, in just 30 years, become the global economic growth is the second “rising star”, the western media often evaluate the country is “miracle” of the development of contemporary countries.This is Ethiopia. Don’t look at Ethiopia is an African country, but has huge potential.U.S. financial website Quartz referred to in the latest research report published a week ago, Ethiopia is one of the countries with low levels of urbanization, with a large number of young labor and received a good education.And the current economic development in Ethiopia particularly exciting, according to the United Nations predicts that by 2050, Ethiopia’s population rose from around 100 million to 190 million, and become one of the fastest growing population in the world.TAL’s chief executive is described Ethiopia as – the factory of the world’s last virgin land.

Post time: Jan-14-2022