KFC ran out of chicken to fry, seaports closed again, labor shortages, … Global supply chains are in chaos!

Since the beginning of 2020, global supply chains have been disrupted and industries affected by repeated global outbreaks of NCP, port closures or delays in many parts of the world, frequent extreme weather, chips and labour shortages.
The new coronaviruses will continue to cause port closures or delays. As an important transit point for the international shipping market, Singapore has been affected by the epidemic in many countries in Southeast Asia.
Recently, some shipping lines have increased nearly tenfold, still a hard case to find. Knock Nevis owners and operators have made staggering profits in the past few months.
And because so many seafarers around the world are not vaccinated, ports may close again in some places, which will continue to hit supply chains. This year, extreme weather has led to a shortage of food supplies in many countries.


Post time: Sep-16-2021