Lifting weights – not only make you look better, also great way to train

Don’t worry. Don’t be scared or disgusted by the word weight lifting. I have a folder on my computer called The Beauty of Weightlifting. Really, weightlifting is beautiful, both for the movement itself and the figure of the athlete.

Here are some of the weightlifters’ bodies to check out:

weight lifting

You already know whether it looks good, so why do I say it’s the best way to train?

We often practice squat, hard pull, bench press, rowing, power lift, pull-up (to build your training movement system (iron lifting)), are iron lifting, but because of these movements, the barbell and the trainer always maintain full contact, no release (heavy weight does not fly), explosive force training is not enough.

What else can weightlift-related movements be trained for besides technique and strength?

Nerves, quick mobilization of large muscles. This is obviously an immediate help for jumping, but isn’t it for lifting iron?

Sensitivity gives you a better sense of proprioception and allows you to control your body better. The ball games needless to say, they do not know what action made of what appearance, obviously have to strengthen the sense of proprioception. Give the iron? You don’t have to get to the top, you just start practicing, and you want to get to know your moves better, right? Everyone needs better control of their body.

Post time: May-12-2022