Major update! Amazon FBA will stop receiving this three kinds of goods!

Recently, the story about “on April 1, amazon FBA will refuse to accept the three kinds of goods! “In the news of sellers widely circulated.Can see in the amazon’s website: since April 1, 2022, if the seller continues to amazon operations center to send the following 3 kinds of goods, the goods may be rejected.

At the same time, amazon may suspend the seller other goods sent to amazon operations center pieces1, the seller deleted after approval warehousing plan goods;2, the seller send delivery on the wrong path, namely the cargo pieces sent to the wrong amazon operations center;3, the seller sends incomplete condition, for example: in “cancelled” or “deleted” state of the goods.

In order to avoid a rejected goods, it is recommended that the sellers:1, in creating the delivery plan, want to clear the goods need to transport a number, volume and other may influence the arrival of the distribution of information;2, after the approval warehousing plan, must be in accordance with the provisions of the plan to carry cargo piece to amazon operations center;Note: the provisions of the plan each kind of goods in a number need – corresponding to a specified amazon operations center.3, after approved destination more into the Treasury plan, please do not delete the goods or part of the goods or send delivery on the wrong path, and make sure all the goods parts delivered to amazon operations center within 30 days;Note: if the amazon operations center has not received all the goods in the plan within 30 days, amazon will inform. Seller of one or more of the goods due to amazon’s cooperation carrier unilaterally except operation or negligence of delays.4, ensure that the goods number label paste in the visible position;

5, with carriers, communication, coordination, to ensure that their goods pieces of goods shipped to the address on the label.Note: if the seller by the postal code to identify operations center position, please make sure the goods on the right address printed on the label

Post time: Jan-07-2022