Parcel will be delayed! Amazon suffered a massive outage that took seven hours and paralyzed many services

Since last night, a lot of amazon seller feedback, are unable to view your orders, after login background thought that account was created. But in fact is amazon’s Internet service and there is a problem.”" in general, the background I thought I was!”"Amazon background and there is something wrong with it, link can’t modify the price.”"Zero seconds kill click, click in the display error, very not easy to refresh successfully increased the number, but there is no increase in the number of the progress bar did as before in the run.”

The amazon’s servers is a unexpected accident, make a lot of sellers advertising promotion, seconds kill activity to a halt, exposure in comparison, the quantity of single also hit hard. In addition, also became a problem of delivery.

It is understood that the worst affected by the interruption of the App, the Amazon is Amazon employees use Flex, is mainly used to warehouse and delivery workers, they can’t access the Flex application and AtoZ applications, scanning the parcel or visit delivery route.Due to unable to get to work, many warehouse and delivery workers were instructed in the lounge waiting, until the problem is resolved. Amazon driver Samuel caceres, Washington, said his delivery facilities has been “since 8 a.m. local time at a standstill.”According to bloomberg, delivery vans also by AWS fault in a suspended state. The outage is expected to lead to some parcel delay.

Post time: Dec-08-2021