Wow! packages from China to Russia increased 35 times!

Due to the effect of epidemic, Russia’s electricity in 2020 started quickly. Ago, the Russian local people’s perception of electricity is still very low, only occasionally speed sell or amazon to buy some things at the meeting.According to the Russian electricity business association in the middle of 2020, according to the report for the top few outside of China, the United States, Britain and Japan, the Russian electricity has quietly to squeeze into the global electricity ranked 10th, and Russia electric business growth rate of 44% in 2020, at the top.

Last year, Russia electric dealer market accounted for 9% of overall volume, across Russia than before (after 3-4%) increased by times. Across Russia to reach 10 million people online, every day is about 500-10 million online users.According to the news released SDEK logistics company, the number of packages in Russia from China 2021 years ago compared to the same period in 2019 increased to 35 times.It is reported, China from abroad to Russia package is the largest number of countries, accounting for 93% of the total.In 2021, according to the data provided by the SDEK overseas big increase in demand by parcel post to Russia in 2021. Nine months of this year, the number of the package from the United States has grown 6.2 times, 198 times increase in the number of the package from the UK, 16 times increase in the number of the parcel from South Korea.Russian post said, more and more shops batch delivery, EMS parcel, express delivery for small average weight increased by 38.2%, the average cost of logistics is up 55.6%.

Post time: Nov-05-2021